How soon will the purchased item be shipped after I place an order?
Items in stock will be shipped within 3 business days. Please note that if the product is out of stock, it will be shipped after it comes in stock.
I want to cancel my order.
Please understand in advance that we cannot, in principle, accept cancellations at the convenience of the customer after the order has been completed.
Can you combine the items when you ship?
We will not be able to ship items together after your order is complete. Please understand this in advance.
I did not receive an order confirmation email or payment completion email.
Order confirmation e-mails are sent automatically. If you do not receive them, the following may be the cause. 1.

1. The e-mail address you entered is incorrect.
2. You changed your e-mail address after your order was confirmed.
3. Your e-mail service provider has set your e-mail address as spam mail, etc.

If you have set up a spam filter, such as a "domain-specified receiving address" setting, please cancel the setting individually.
If your order information was entered incorrectly in the auto-fill process, your contact information may have been registered with a different address than the one you normally use. If you are using multiple addresses, please check them as well.
Shipping Method
Within Japan, we will deliver by Yamato Transport or Sagawa Express.
Delivery charge: 650 yen (except for some areas)
Delivery to Okinawa is 1,500 yen.
Delivery company is either Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.
If you wish to have your order delivered to a sales office, please make sure to set your delivery address to the desired sales office and indicate in the remarks column that you wish to have your order delivered to a sales office. Please note that specifying the delivery address alone will not be considered for delivery to a delivery office.
Please note that some areas are not available for time zone selection according to the regulations of delivery companies. Even if you specify a delivery time zone at the time of order, we may not be able to deliver your order at the specified time. Please understand this in advance.
If an item is returned to us after the delivery company's storage period has expired due to long-term absence or incorrect delivery address, the item will be resent. The additional shipping cost for resending the item will be charged to the customer on delivery. Please note that orders cannot be cancelled.
If you are interested in purchasing more than 11 items, please contact us at "CONTACT".

Please specify the desired delivery date within 14 days after 3 business days from the date of order. If you do not specify a delivery date, we will ship your order as soon as possible.
I want to change the delivery date or destination.
This can be done only before packing. Please use the inquiry form to inform us of the "order number" shown in the "Order Confirmation E-mail" and the date and time you wish to receive your order. Please note that we may not always be able to meet your request.
In case of initial defects
Please note that all items handled by the brands are carefully produced one by one and many of them are made by hand. Please note that we cannot exchange or return items unless they are defective or shipped incorrectly.

In the unlikely event that an item is seriously damaged during shipping, the item is initially defective, or there is a mistake in the delivery, please contact us using the Contact us form within 3 days of receiving the item. We will check the situation and respond with an exchange or return. Please note that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries received after that time.
What are the payment methods?
You can choose a payment method from following:
Credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX) / Apple Pay / Shop Pay / Google Pay
I want to change the payment method.
Due to our system, it is not possible to change the payment method after the order has been completed.
Inquiries will be handled on the next business day or later.