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Conceal a surprise

Candy is a lollipop shaped candy case. It was created with highly advanced technology inspired by the Buddhist altar fitting process in Takaoka city. With its lovely shape and sparkle, Candy brings a little surprise every time it is opened. Put a small piece of jewelry inside and always have in your pocket a cute little surprise. Give it as a gift, or receive it, and it will make your heartbeat dance.

SIZE:Φ34 × h100mm (handle Φ12 × 約57mm) 、90g

■Important notes
・Candy is not included in the case.
・In case of any injuries and damages, please make sure not to drop the product.
・In case of any burns and damages, please make sure not to use and put near a fire or a heat source.
・Because it is a hand-made product, size, volume, weight and texture may vary. Actual color may be different from the one in the photo.
・When hard items are touched or sticky items such as tapes and adhesives are attached, please be careful of the possibility of dents, coating, scraping, peeling, discoloration, etc.
・After use, please wipe off the dirt while gently pressing with a soft cloth.
・If stored in a wet state, oxidation may progress from fine scratches. Please store in a dry state after use.


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